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Friday, March 29, 2013

Peach Blossoms, Grafting Tar, and Longevity

It's Spring in Sedona and our old peach tree is beginning its 
full bloom. 
Beloved Raylene bound up the splits in the trunks with grafting tar and plumber's tape.
I tied and balanced the branches together.
Watered daily, and fertilized with two bags of manure and bone meal, 
it's now vital and set to bear much fruit.
In Chinese art and culture, peaches symbolize longevity.
My health is very good, lipids excellent and heart working well.
This body will be 75 in a few month.
I am blessed with fresh new years to fulfill my vow--
to celebrate everything and to set endless heartaches to rest.
With love, nurture, and awareness, Nature and our human lives are redeemable and new-able!

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