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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Allegiance to the Most Beloved"

Alok's Zen calligraphy "The Empty Heart" served as a backdrop to Joan Sutherland Roshi exploring "Allegiance to the Most Beloved" at her Santa Fe retreat, Mar. 22-24. What is the most beloved? Is not-knowing and non-doing part of the "heart-mindfulness" for keep faith with it? Is the sinking well into "endarkenment" essential to the dharma of Enlightenment? Can we trust the creativity that self-arises from darkness into us and through us? What is the empty heart? Must not the most beloved be non-dual and embrace both darkness and light?
See her essay on "What is Enlightenment?", BuddhaDharma, Spring 2013 issue: 

For more on alok's "Satori Art": 

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